World of Rides unveils Baby Ladybird Train

As part of its 50th Anniversary celebrations, World of Rides will launch its new Baby Ladybird Train at the Farm and Holiday Parks Exhibition on stand FR910 at the NEC on 6th and 7th November!

The company’s existing battery rides can seat either a ‘Parent & Child’ or ‘Two Children’ between the ages of 3 and 12 years old, and can be used either indoors or outdoors, but its Baby Trains are single seat rides suitable for indoor use only, and built specifically for the ever growing 3 to 8 years old market that many operators have been asking for.

Each of the Baby Trains follow a pre-set track around a range of colourfully themed baseboards, and the rides come complete with an equally colourful perimeter safety fence with an entrance gate… and are fitted with working lights and sound effects, as well as an operator-programmable control unit!

Each train also comes supplied with a 12v high-output, long-life battery and a 12v fully automatic battery charger.

The rides fully conform to European CE, TUV and U.K. H.S.E.-BACTA-ADIPS safety standards, and the cars themselves have sensors fitted so that the ride automatically stops if a child stands up or if someone stands in front of either of the cars whilst they are in motion, as well as having an emergency STOP/START push-button fitted to the rear of the train for adults to activate… and only requires a footprint of 3m x 4m, making it suitable for any kind of indoor location!

For more information, please contact David or Andrew Robinson on 0191 4920999 or

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