World Back to Work to help amusement venues reopen safely

World Back to Work (WBTW), a mission-driven organization that is developing customised solutions to help the world‘s businesses get back to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic, announced it has completed its initial investment round after the company’s founding in March.

With inconsistent COVID-19 safety guidelines across states, many employers and employees are feeling understandably anxious about returning to work, and amusement venues face particular challenges. WBTW’s comprehensive approach includes testing, developing new policies and procedures, retrofitting and deep sanitizing workplaces, entry screening, PPE and rapid infection response when new cases arise, and is helping both employers and employees return to work with confidence.

In addition to COVID-19 testing services, WBTW develops new policies and procedures, gives workplaces a clean slate to return to work with retrofitting and deep sanitising, and helps employers maintain safety with entry screening services, PPE and ongoing testing services. WBTW will also provide rapid infection response when new cases arise.

WBTW’s four-module strategy was created by their team of highly experienced specialists with expertise in medical-environmental consulting, testing and lab management, software development, med-legal, procurement, remediation, human resources and client management, in order to lower the risk of infection in the workplace and allow employees to feel safe at work.

WBTW provides services to film and TV broadcast production companies, entertainment venues, multi-tenant buildings, office-based employers, manufacturers and distribution facilities, schools, religious institutions and retailers across the U.S.

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