Wildlife World Zoo announces opening of new 5-acre Safari Park expansion

Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park in Arizona, US, has opened a new 5-acre expansion which will house two endangered pygmy hippos, as well as several other new species including Grevy’s zebra, onagers, caracals, clouded leopard more.

The addition includes dozens of new exhibits tailored to the natural habitats and needs of each species, incorporating pastures, ponds, islands and water features.

The pygmy hippopotamus is mainly found in West Africa and is a far more terrestrial species as compared to common hippos. Wildlife World’s new pygmy hippo exhibit provides the new residents with a climate-controlled building and two indoor pools, and outside, they have two separate large green pastures with native foliage and a beautiful joining watering hole fed by a 12ft waterfall for the hippos to swim and splash around in!

Sadly, the pygmy hippo is now endangered, with recent population estimates indicating there may be fewer than 3,000 left in the wild. Arizona’s climate lends itself to these magnificent animals and provides the young hippos with a perfect environment to flourish and thrive, all the while being an ambassador for their species and inspiring people to conserve and protect their wild counterparts.

The 5-acre addition will bring the total size of Safari Park to nearly 30 acres, and the Wildlife World has plans to continue to expand the collection. It expects the new Safari Park addition to “deliver and exceed all expectations”.


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