Wicksteed Park invests in new Clip ‘n Climb family attractions

Kettering’s Wicksteed Park is set to launch its new family-climbing venue Clip ‘n Climb on November 17, the result of a £700,000 investment.

The indoor attraction will offer 28 different challenges suitable for visitors of all ages, including climbing walls and an 8m leap of faith, as part of the park’s move towards providing year-round fun and enjoyment.

The challenges have been designed to provide fun for all members of the family, of all skill levels, from ages four and upwards, and to encourage them to stay fit and healthy.

Wicksteed Park’s Clip ‘n Climb climbing attractions include; Stairway to Heaven, Astroball, Speed Climb, Twister, and the Leap of Faith.

The Clip ‘n Climb clipper system means people can climb any challenge on their own and still stay safe.

As part of Wicksteed Park’s policy of making fun accessible to all, the attraction will also feature a special adaptation to the TruBlue auto belay climber support device for use by people with disabilities.

Wicksteed Park managing director Ian Bartlett said Clip ‘n Climb was an integral part of the park’s plans to provide fun and exciting attractions for throughout the year.

He said: “Offering people the chance to enjoy themselves indoors and giving them healthy and exciting things to do in the colder weather is an important aspect of our vision to drive forward the park’s development and growth as a family attraction.”

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