VRStudios launches VRstudios Sports to support LBE

Pre-COVID-19, the popularity of online gaming meant the industry’s biggest challenge was giving people compelling reasons to get off the couch. COVID-19 has since further forced people to stay home and has kept them out of LBE venues.

VRStudios new launch has therefore focused on expanding its “ecosystem” and its partners’ opportunities by bringing its commercial-quality VR experiences to players at home, while also building in powerful incentives for them to gather, play, and compete at LBE venues.

Consumers will play for fun, practice, and compete with others casually online from home, and then take those skills and their performance stats to LBE venues for physical, multiplayer, social experiences complete with food and beverage and formal competitions that only a LBE venue can deliver. LBE businesses will have new options for building awareness, maintaining connections to their players at home, promoting in-store events and driving revenue.

The first product and technology advance in this new ecosystem, spanning from home use to LBE competition, is VRstudios Sports. VRStudios’ inaugural game release is “Hoops Madness”, a broadly appealing VR basketball game that is available for early access on STEAM. VRstudios Sports will establish new opportunities to engage with existing customers and attract new players, delivering new revenue opportunities for LBE operators. Consumers will now be able to play exciting LBE-quality VR sports games at home and at entertainment venues.

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