VRstudios launches Football Frenzy

VRstudios, a leading creator of turn-key multiplayer Virtual Reality (VR) attractions for Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) businesses, has launched Football Frenzy.

Football Frenzy is the second instalment in the company’s growing catalogue of Real Sport VR experiences for the FURY, the arcade-easy unattended VR attraction. Football Frenzy follows Hoops Madness, the inaugural title for the FURY, and will be launched in time for Football Season. Operators can license both Hoops Madness and Football Frenzy titles making the FURY the industry’s first multi-sport VR attraction.

A recent poll indicated that 51% of Americans consider themselves to be “fans of professional football” (LATimes/Survey Monkey – Feb 2022). However, this extensive audience is dramatically underrepresented in arcadegame offerings. In a recent collaboration, our partners at Creative Works conducted an Arcade Sports Game

Survey of LBE operators, and the results indicated strong demand for a new arcade football game. In fact, football was the number one choice for a sport that’s missing in the current arcade options:

  • 79% of operators noted that they have ZERO football games in their arcade
  • 68% of operators are interested in “a fun, active football arcade game”
  • 77% of operators are interested in “a multi-sport, unattended VR arcade machine with a football game”

“Half of all Americans are football fans but most arcades have no football games – VRstudios has developed an innovative experience to capitalize on that unanswered demand,” said Kevin Vitale, CEO of VRstudios. “Football Frenzy provides an exciting new opportunity for arcade operators to attract their football-loving guests to come and play, driving incremental revenue. The FURY is a family-friendly and arcade-easy unattended VR attraction that can help locations diversify their mix of games to draw a broader demographic of customers.”

Football Frenzy invites players of all ages and skill levels to live out their ultimate gridiron dreams of being a pro quarterback in this VR arcade game. Throwing a real football can be difficult (especially inside an FEC) and intimidating for players, but Football Frenzy eliminates those obstacles with throwing mechanics in VR that feel rich and satisfying. Football Frenzy makes any player feel like a star as they experience the thrill of being in a football stadium underneath the bright lights with the crowd cheering them on as they march down the field. All without ever leaving the arcade and no physical ball!

One of the unique aspects of Football Frenzy is that the game dynamically scales based on player performance,so they will always feel like a champion with moments of achievement. While Football Frenzy is intuitive and easy to play, it takes skill to master, which will keep players challenged and motivated. A healthy amount of challenge drives them to stay longer on location to play again and again as they hone their skills, moving up through the ranks.

“VRstudios crafted Football Frenzy as an addictive and arcade-friendly quarterback passing experience that anyone can play and have a great time in an immersive stadium environment,” said Chanel Summers, VRstudios’ vice president of product development. “The game’s ‘smart’ receivers and dynamic difficulty system make it inviting so everyone can feel like they have the skills to play like their favourite quarterback.”

Players can check out the Football Frenzy leaderboards to see how they stack up against other quarterbacks. Football Frenzy delivers compelling individual play and can be used for competitions that can drive local and widespread tournaments to build community and encourage repeat competitive play. Fans and spectators will also have a thrilling experience too as they view all the action as it happens through various cinematic angles with a sports broadcast feel.

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