VRstudios expands wireless product line with VRcade Atom

VRstudios, a provider of commercial-grade wireless virtual reality (VR) turnkey solutions for Location-Based Entertainment business, has announced its latest addition to its products line, the VRcade Atom. The Atom boasts a cost effective, easy to install and efficient system, with a small footprint and no expensive facility changes or construction. The turnkey system includes everything an LBE needs to add room-scale, free-roaming, multiplayer VR attractions to their entertainment business.

Built on the VRcade Attraction Management Platform, the Atom is the first LBE VR turnkey solution that integrates best-in-class compute power, head-mounted display technology, wireless transmission and positional tracking from industry leaders including Hewlett-Packard, HTC and TPCAST. Utilizing AMP’s content management features, the Atom runs experiences from the company’s portfolio of VRcade wireless, multiplayer attractions expressly built for commercial LBE operations.

Atoms can be easily installed as individual systems or in combination with other Atoms, VRcade Zones or VRcade Arena systems, and can be networked together to increase the virtual player count in attraction titles that support the feature.

The standard configuration requires only a 10’x10’ footprint for a multiplayer system, making it an efficient use of floor space and driving a very favourable return on investment over single-player, wired options.

“The VRcade Atom is another significant addition to our growing family of turnkey solutions built expressly for the LBE operators. It demonstrates our ongoing focus and strategy to integrate the latest and best technology available, utilizing our AMP platform to make it easy and efficient for LBEs to operate on a daily basis,” said Kevin Vitale, VRstudios’ CEO. “Atom is a true commercial-grade, wireless free-roaming system, and its price point makes it compelling for LBEs to drop the wires and add VR attractions to their business.”

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