VR and AR solutions for the leisure sector

Bradford, UK based creative agency One19 Creative has developed a portfolio of app-based virtual reality and augmented reality solutions, serving a wide range of uses in leisure environments.

The apps produce real-time 3D rendering of physical environments, mapped on vertical and 360º horizontal planes, and allow detailed 3D images to be instantly uploaded, placed, scaled, rotated and recoloured within the photo-realistic virtual space. The company is targeting demand for the apps in a variety of amenities, including amusement parks, entertainment venues, activity centres, zoos and heritage sites.

Head designer, Chris Carter, said: “Our AR and VR apps use powerful software to combine the physical world with digital data. They can photo render a room or outdoor space to create fully interactive 360º visuals which can be embedded online or viewed on a smartphone. Users can insert multiple 3D models from CAD files or our in-house photoprogrammery, and then control and configure them within the virtual space, including the application of thousands of colour combinations.

“User-friendly functionality is vital in making this technology commercially viable and we have invested a lot of time in making sure it’s a feature of these products. We can supply custom user interfaces for each client and visuals can be shared via email with one click. It will open up all sorts of possibilities for customer and visitor engagement in leisure and entertainment.”

Nathan Little, operations director at One19 Creative, added: “In the past two years we have assembled an experienced team covering a broad range of specialisms, including graphic design, photography and videography, photo rendering, animation, app and software development, and user interface design. Combined with a high investment in product development, this skillset has enabled us to create unique products like these and we are excited to be introducing them to the market.”

One19 Creative provides a range of other specialist services, including exhibition and retail design, brand identity, and design-for-manufacture. The company can offer an end-to-end solution to each project, from concept creation to installation

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