Virtuix reports uptick in sales and installations

Virtuix, creator of the ‘Omni Arena’ virtual reality esports attraction, has reported an uptick in sales and installations, a potential sign that the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic may be behind us.

Virtuix recently installed Omni Arena at Cinergy’s venue in Odessa, Texas, and at Be Legend Gaming in Denton, Texas. Pole Position Raceway, a chain of indoor go-karting venues, installed Omni Arena in Des Moines, Iowa, making it the group’s second Omni Arena location after Las Vegas.

“Omni Arena has been a hit at our venue,” said Brad Mark, COO of Pole Position’s Las Vegas venue. “The esports prize contests are appealing to our go-karting audience. They like to compete against their friends and show who’s best.”

Omni Arena is a full-body virtual reality attraction for up to four players. Omni treadmills inside the attraction enable players to walk and run around inside video games. Guests can compete for top spots on leaderboards and win a share of a $100,000 esports prize pool sponsored by Virtuix and HP.

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