Virtual Rabbids celebrates sales milestone

LAI Games has recently achieved a milestone 500 sales of its top-earning virtual reality ride, Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride. The unit was sold to Pizza Ranch in Casper, Wyoming, the second Virtual Rabbids to be installed in a Fun Zone Arcade for the regional restaurant chain.

Tim Mazzafero, director of operations for multiple Pizza Ranch franchises said, “After the success we experienced with Virtual Rabbids in our Billings, Montana location, earning over $50,000 in 10 weeks, adding a Virtual Rabbids to our Casper, Wyoming location was really a no-brainer! It’s a great experience for our guests and really sets us apart. The Big Ride will definitely be a part of our future expansion plans.”

With operators worldwide reporting similar results, it is no surprise to see Virtual Rabbids reach this milestone. In addition to being an easy to operate, unattended attraction that makes VR possible for every entertainment venue, LAI Games attributes the game’s success to their collaboration with AAA rated video game developer, Ubisoft and their Rabbids brand. “Ubisoft’s Rabbids have a universal appeal and humor that everyone can enjoy. We’re fortunate to have partnered with a premiere game developer and an iconic brand to bring this wildly successful attraction to our industry,” said Tabor Carlton, marketing director for LAI Games.

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