Videotel Digital’s HyperSound directional speakers

Videotel Digital, a manufacturer of touch-less peripherals and digital signage, has announced new enhancements to its line of HyperSound Directional Speakers.

Sound can now be played at lower levels with exceptional clarity, which means users can create even tighter sound zones without concern about ambient noise or adjacent distraction.

Due to the pandemic, patrons that visit museums, aquariums and zoos will no longer wish to touch screens, wear repeatedly used headphones or handle any possibly infected self-tour audio equipment for fear of contamination, but they still want the full experience. This can be delivered with touch-less HyperSound directional audio combined with Videotel Digital’s VP90 interactive media player and with a variety of contactless sensor options, which allow each exhibit to begin audio and video with simple touch-less gestures – even for exhibits adjacent to one another – and still create private listening experiences.

Lisa Schneider, Videotel Digital’s EVP of marketing and sales said: “The modifications to HyperSound’s directional speakers now make it possible to consider audio for digital signage installations that may have previously been unable to use sound due to ambient noise.” She added, “This solution works best when paired with Videotel Digital’s touch-less sensors, which automatically trigger content when a viewer approaches the screen.”

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