Vicon’s new tracking capabilities enable world’s largest full-body VR experiences,

Vicon, a world leader in motion capture, has released a new update to its intelligent VR software platform, Evoke — part of the Origin range, Vicon’s comprehensive virtual reality (VR) system.

Evoke 1.3, which works with Vicon’s latest Viper and Viper X cameras, enables support of full-body tracking for up to 200 objects at VR-ready latency and beyond — opening up the opportunity for theme parks, gaming venues and training centres to scale experiences and offer the most immersive and compelling VR experiences.

The platform’s latest update will also provide class-leading tracking capabilities, delivering higher accuracy and more reliable ‘always-on’ tracking for a completely seamless experience. In addition, venue operators will also have the ability to auto assign characters to a participant’s marker clusters — an additional proximity-based feature that significantly reduces set up time.

These new capabilities mean the Evoke 1.3 update enables users to benefit from improved workflows that help to make the overall set-up easier and faster than ever before — providing a better quality experience that’s easier to manage with minimal operator input.

Tim Massey, product manager at Vicon, commented: “Roaming around a virtual environment with complete freedom of movement is one of the most immersive experiences imaginable. This is why we are extremely focused on the continued innovation of our VR solutions in order to make these experiences as seamless as possible, while enabling venue operators to be able to create unforgettable, yet profitable VR experiences.”

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