VEX Solutions releases upgraded analytics tools

VEX Solutions has unveiled its upgraded data-driven tools to help the LBVR attractions’ owners market their activity efficiently. They can monitor their attraction’s performance in order to transform the usually heavy marketing expenses into profitable investments. “In these rougher times for the out-of-home entertainment industry, we thought it was important to focus our time and energy in helping our peers,” said Julien Henricot, CEO.

In addition to the existing data at their disposal, attractions’ owners can learn in-depth information about their customers and their habits. They can therefore target their marketing campaign more efficiently, thus optimizing their spending.

Earlier this year, the company released an ebook aimed at improving the stability of the LBVR industry by sharing their tips and tricks learned over 3 years of operation in combination with the data gathered from a survey answered by 6000 LBVR customers. This e-book, titled “How to make money with virtual reality?”, is available for free and can be found on VEX’s blog (

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