VEX Solutions announces all-in-one VR esports system for indoor FECs

VEX Solutions has unveiled its new esports league, aiming to bring esports inside the location-based entertainment industry where it has always been difficult to implement and where a huge untapped market lies. Esports is a fast-growing gaming trend that is expected to hit over 1 billion dollars in revenue in 2021.

“Since we operate our own VR Arcade, we directly saw the impact of creating contests with prizes during our first tests: customers came back more often and played more. With this upcoming update we want to share our automated league system with all our operators around the world,” said Julien Henricot, CEO.

VEX Solutions will run international contests with great prizes at stake on its two turnkey free-roaming flagship systems, the VEX Adventure and the VEX Arena. Owners will also be able to create their own contests sponsored by local businesses that will drive interest and customers to their location. All of this will be supported by global multi-location leader boards easily implementable on their website to help them bring awareness to those events.

Through VEX’s online platform, every customer can edit their profile and monitor their progression remotely. In addition, they will receive emails alerting them of any new information linked to their favourite location. At the same time, owners are gathering data from their customers in order to improve their online marketing targeting. All of those features, aimed at bringing customers inside indoor entertainment centres are scheduled to be released in early 2021 and every VEX’s customer will get access to it for free.

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