Veltmeijer Group partners Embed for nine Europe locations

Embed, a leader in cashless business management systems and solutions for the amusement, entertainment, and leisure industries, has recently signed a three-year exclusive agreement with Veltmeijer Group in the Netherlands to open amusement centres across Europe.

Veltmeijer Group consists of Gamestate, Gametown, Gamecity arcade and Family Entertainment Centres, which has over 40 sites and 18 stores with Embed.

Despite the uncertainty due to the pandemic, Veltmeijer Group pushed forward with their business expansion, opening nine new locations across Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic and Germany.

Veltmeijer Group installed Embed’s award-winning smartTOUCH readers, which includes a customised message, “Please Clean This Game After Use,” further validating the pandemic’s impact on the family entertainment industry and its elevated cleaning protocols with stricter cleaning schedules. Embed’s self-service kiosk helped them during this period as well as their customers. Embed’s full-service, all-in-one KIOSK works with a built-in server, always online and never down due to its dual-card dispenser and automatic recycling of game cards.

Roger Tubée, CEO of Veltmeijer Group, commented: “Despite the challenges that we face during the pandemic, we are fortunate we could proceed with our robust expansion plan across Europe. We are pleased to have Embed’s cashless technology in our venues, especially now that cashless payment solution is rising as it ensures guests’ safety. Having the TOOLKIT system with the smartTOUCH game card readers and KIOSK helps us save time and increase our operational efficiency at our amusement centres. We are looking forward to our next site opening in France soon.”

Daniel Hudson, global head of sales, Embed, said: “We are extremely proud and excited with all the recent openings of Gamestate, Gametown, and Gamecity Amusement Centres across Europe. The smooth and successful implementation of Embed integrated solutions at these respective sites is fundamentally due to the great collaboration we have with the Veltmeijer Group. We look forward to many years of fuelling fun in their venues, supporting them to improve and achieve success at every step, from their venue renovations to their ongoing expansion plans.”

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