Valomotion launches new trampoline sports game Jumpball

After more than a year of extensive game development, Finnish company Valomotion has launched new two-player trampoline sports game Jumpball to its existing game repertoire for the ValoJump setup.

The game includes two-player as well as single-player mode and several difficulty levels. In the single person mode, the player is faced with one of our AI opponents called Jumpbots, with different Jumpbot for each of the difficulty levels.

In the two-player mode, Jumpball is played on two adjacent ValoJump trampolines. When the players step on the trampoline they simply start the game by each jumping and selecting the “2 players 2 trampolines” button. The ValoJumps will then connect the players automatically.

The game lasts only 60 seconds, ensuring a high through-put. Jumpball has been designed our products for visitor play-value, to maximise repeatability for fast ROI for the operators.

All the games on ValoJump are played one person at the time, so there is automatically physical distancing between people. ValoJump can even be rendered completely touchless, making the game play also hygienic and thus safer during the COVID-19 restrictions.

“With Jumpball, we wanted to take the best parts of sports and video games and combine them into a new super powered trampoline ball sport,” said Lauri Lehtonen, lead developer for ValoJump.

“We wanted each match of Jumpball to be an exciting competition that’s both fun to play and fun to watch. I’m a huge fan of sports and Japanese arcade games myself so creating a game combining elements of these two things made this a very near and dear project for me.”


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