Unreal Ice installs synthetic ice rinks ahead of winter season

Unreal Ice is set to install a 144 sq m (1,550 sq ft) synthetic ice rink at a hotel in Gyeongpodae in South Korea later this year. The new attraction will complete the resort’s leisure offering during the autumn/winter season, when its swimming pools are closed.

This is the second artificial ice rink that Unreal Ice has sold in South Korea, and joins ecological ice rinks installed in Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Uzbekistan over the past year, consolidating the company’s presence in Asian market.

Unreal Ice is also set to install a new synthetic ice rink at amusement park Conny-land, located in the Swiss town of Lipperswill. Conny-land will open its doors during winter this year and has decided to install an ecological Unreal Ice ice rink to complete its leisure offering.

Finally, Unreal Ice has revealed that is has sold a 200 square metre (2,150 sq ft) ice rink to one of the largest shopping centre chains in Bulgaria, which will install this attraction in one of its stores in Sofia to attract new customers. In addition to skating, on this synthetic ice rink visitors can drive bumper cars on ice, play hockey or take a picture inside a giant snow globe.

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