Universe Science Park partners Veovo for AI-powered density solution

As theme parks begin reopening, they will need to adhere to strict physical distancing requirements.  Universe Science Park in Denmark has partnered Veovo for a solution to help them manage crowds more effectively.

Physical distancing is expected to remain one of the primary weapons against Covid-19 for the foreseeable future, leaving theme parks facing the challenge of keeping guests safely apart.

How can theme parks make the most of reopening, while complying with regulations and reassuring visitors that everything possible is being done to safeguard them? Success will, in part, require understanding of how people move, and using data to manage their flow and distribution.

Denmark’s Universe Science Park, a technology-themed adventure park, uses Veovo’s Guest Predictability solution to provide a cohesive view of how guests move through and use the park, as well as visitor volumes and area occupancy. Wanting to automate their monitoring of and responses to government’s distancing guidelines as much as possible, they approached Veovo with the task of creating density alarms that would help them manage occupancy, and avoid breaches.

In addition to providing a real-time, reliable overview of guest volumes and behaviour, the system now also includes location-specific crowd density information. Live dashboards show the degree of risk, based on social distancing recommendations, crowd movement patterns and area size. Threshold limits trigger the relevant alarm and automated action, such as updating messages on screens and directing staff to redirect flow to less-crowded areas.

Additionally, the solution indicates how disruptions or changes affect behaviour, thereby enabling improved capacity planning and operations. Thanks to continuous monitoring, the system ultimately improves the park’s ability to adhere to safety protocols, thus minimising the risk of overcrowding, accidents, fire or other security hazards, even once social distancing is no longer required.

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