Unanimous vote gives Wellington zipline the go-ahead

Wellington City Council’s City Strategy Committee has voted to allow Wellington Zipline Adventure the lease of 900 hectares of land as part of a new adventure tourism scheme. 

The land is located beside the Southern Landfill in the suburb of Brooklyn, though the city’s weather could mean the attraction would only run for 210 days of the year.

Wellington Zipline Adventure’s project has proposed a total of four ziplines, with the longest measuring 575m, and comes as a result of Changing Altitude Limited’s plan to improve adventure-based tourism in the city.

The Council’s open space and parks manager Myfanwy Emeny commented that the smell of the landfill would be negligible as it only counts for a small portion of the overall land.

Despite wind and rain also providing their own challenges, Changing Altitude remain confident about the venture. Plans to install wind monitors at the wooden take-off platforms to help guides make a judgement on the safety of the ziplines have been discussed, and may be implemented at a later date.

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