Two Bit Circus to bring an experimental entertainment centre to Downtown LA

Brent Bushnell, CEO, and Eric Gradman, CTO, are the “mad scientists” behind LA’s upcoming Two Bit Circus; a miniature entertainment venue with big aspirations.

The micro-amusement park will give a new lease of life to a former power plant, boasting approximately 30,000+ square feet to become home to a host of multi-person virtual reality and mixed reality, social play experiences, and group games.

Two Bit Circus have previously created installations at the Super Bowl and Olympics, and the new venue will showcase entertainment and original content from Two Bit Circus and key brand partners.

Science, technology, creativity, and physical activities are blended at the Circus, where guests can play (safely) with fire, box a piñata with their favourite melee weapon (in a VR physics game), and more.

Experience is the name of the game for Bushnell and Gradman, who believe small-scale parks with constantly rotated content will be key in the industry, going forward, and are the new face of classic carnival style days out.

“Out of home entertainment hasn’t changed much since laser tag and mini-golf. The latest tech has just blown the doors open on a whole new world; changed what it means to play, and play together socially. People stress about tech pushing people apart, but we love watching it bring them together!” said Bushnell.

Two Bit Circus is set to open later in the summer.

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