TRUBLUE and QuickFlight devices meet RFU 11.128

Following the DAV’s recent requirement of compliance with Vertical Group 11’s RFU 11.128, which mandates 10x EN 341:2011 descent energy testing for descent devices used in climbing gyms and ropes courses, all Trublue, Trublue XL and Trublue Speed magnetic descent devices manufactured after April 2019 have been tested to these standards and carry these certifications. All QuickFlight and QuickFlight XL devices manufactured after January 2020 also carry CE certification and have been tested to 10x the standard.

Operators who own a TRUBLUE or QuickFlight manufactured before these new certification dates can easily upgrade them – there are no mechanical differences between devices manufactured before or after these new certification dates, so upgrading is fast and easy.

Global testing and certification provider TÜV SÜD tested the Trublue devices to 10x Class A EN 341:2011. What this means day to day is that the devices have been tested to be capable of extremely high numbers of descents with no degradation in performance, thanks to their eddy current braking technology.
Trublue was also tested in accordance with EN 360, meaning the device is designed and certified for shock loads.

If a product complies to Regulation (EU) 2016/425, this will be identified in the manual. Manufacturers must also have a Declaration of Conformity available to owners and operators.

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