Triotech releases new movie for interactive VR coin-op simulator Storm

Triotech, a leading creator of media-based attractions, has released a new adventure for its Storm interactive VR coin-op simulator. Available free of charge for all existing and future units, the new film ‘Sugary Slope’ is part of Triotech’s strategy to expand its content library.

The interactive adventure embarks players on a fun, action-packed, and competitive race in a world of candies, lollipops, and chocolate geysers. This sweet and coloured new universe has a wide appeal from children to young adults, joining an existing movie catalogue of adventures.

“Our focus has always been creating fun for all ages,” said Ernest Yale, president and CEO of Triotech. “We’re developing a content library with a wide appeal just like we did for our other attractions, because that’s what increases revenues for our operators. I can already tell you that even more content is coming in the future!“ added Yale.

The Storm simulator is an operator-free multiplayer interactive VR coin-op ride. The motion capture technology eliminates the need for players to touch components or controls. Players interact by simply waving their hands. Combining different film contents with difficulty levels incites players to play again and again as they compete to get the highest score.

Triotech has reported receiving significant Storm orders since its launch, even during the pandemic, and expects more orders with the reopening of amusement locations around the world.

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