Transformers Shadows Rising ships out

Trucks full of the hit Transformers Shadows Rising game are leaving Sega factories and headed for FECs across the world.

Transformers boasts a global brand equity of more than $4b, and the game, which was created by Sega and Hasbro, sees players team up with iconic characters Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Sideswipe to stop evil Megatron’s plan.

The simple to use controller, easy to follow storyline and fast-paced gameplay attracts casual and core gamers alike. Razor sharp graphics and in game physics comes to life on a 55 inch, full-HD screen, delivering an immersive visual experience. Combined with audio from 4 speakers with subwoofer and base shaker players experience “metal on metal” combat.

Players can collect ‘Hyperenergy Tech Cubes’ throughout the game; then by pushing the Hyperenergy Tech Lever up they can unleash a shock wave to destroy multiple enemies or by pulling the Hyperenergy Tech Lever down they create a defensive forcefield protecting the player from enemy attack.

Transformers Shadows Rising’s truck shaped cabinet stands out in any location, with a chrome front grill and huge exhausts that light up red to emulate heat draws player attention. Wrapped with vivid Transformers liveries, Multi-coloured LED lighting effects and dual sided marquee makes this game hard to miss from any angle.

Marty Riley, sales manager at Sega, says “TRANSFORMERS Shadows Rising’s gameplay is phenomenal, cabinet design is jaw dropping and location reviews of the game are beyond expectations. The new Hyperenergy Tech lever adds a new element to this type of game. Games are in stock, so place your orders now.”

Operators can experience Transformers Shadows Rising first hand at IAAPA on Sega’s both 1506 and 1606 at the Orange County Convention Centre from 13th – 16th November.

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