Trampoline park safety: concerns and injuries on the increase

With a recorded 1,200 ambulance callouts in England in 2017, there are new calls for the regulation of trampoline parks in Britain.

An audit by Sheffield Children’s Hospital has found that patients were more likely to have broken a bone at a trampoline park than if they had been playing in a private garden. Nearly 200 patients were treated at hospital for trampoline-related injuries over six months, and NHS staff across England treat an average of three trampoline-related injuries a day.

63% of all injuries are caused by bad landings, and patients have broken bones, suffered sprains and ligament damage.

In 2017, members of International Association of Trampoline Parks UK (IATP UK) launched a voluntary safety standard, which trampoline parks must comply to in order to join the body.

“There are a lot of trampoline parks that seem to be popping up all over the place that are neither regulated nor abide by basic safety precautions,” Said Dr Catherine Rimmer, paediatric emergency medicine consultant at Sheffield Children’s Hospital. “I think the bigger parks are far better, but I know anyone can open a trampoline park in any kind of big open space and they’re the ones parents need to be particularly careful of.”

Trampoline parks have seen an increase in popularity in the UK since the first commercial venue opened in 2014, with the IATP estimating 15m users a year.

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