TrainerTainment to hold virtual sales clinic

TrainerTainment’s first Virtual Clinic of 2021 will be held on 4 February with a focus on sales growth.

The one-day clinic will highlight two components of TrainerTainment’s recently released Sales Pro System, Qualification and Communication.

The Sales Growth Virtual Clinic will take place from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm CST. The morning session will focus on Qualification while the afternoon focus will focus on Communication. The two-session will be separated by a sponsored networking lunch.

After the Qualification session, participants will understand the importance of discovering what prospects need and how to successfully identify what products and services should be proposed. During the Communication session, participants will discuss the various options of communication and the best tips for using those to build connection with prospects.

Our sponsored networking lunch will allow participants to visit sponsors of the event in break out rooms to network and learn more about their offerings.

“The Sales Pro System is a proven method for providing structure and growing sales.” says Beth Standlee, Founder & CEO at TrainerTainment. “Qualification and Communication are key components of the system, and we can’t wait to dive in to help create more sales for our attendees.”

About TrainerTainment: TrainerTainment provides industry-leading coaching and training programs that focus on Fun Training & Serious Results.

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