Towering three-level adventure opens in New Mexico

New Mexico has welcomed Red River Ski & Summer Area, an aerial adventure spanning three levels fit for all the family.

The park also features 25 interactive elements, including a Hidden Treasure Aerial Park, 120m zipline and “Perfect Descent” on a hillside.

Challenge Towers, a North Carolina-based aerial adventure park builder, constructed the park, which utilises the Saferoller Continuous Belay System. Little climbers can clamber to heights of 20ft above the ground and enjoy five activities and a short zipline, whilst the intermediate level reaches 40ft, with 10 more challenging elements.

“Our third level platform, 60 feet off the ground, has 10 elements: we have our big zip line that zips riders 400 feet to the receiving platform where they then take a 52 foot step off the tower using a “Perfect Descent” auto-belay device to lower them to the ground,” explains Bob Henson, Red River Ski Resort. “We are very happy with our Saferoller and excited about this! We highly enjoy it, because it is extremely user-friendly and provides and exceptional guest experience.”

Bob also noted that one of the hardest elements of the project’s design and four-month build was incorporating the course into the natural surroundings. “We wanted the course to have a very ‘natural’ feel and make guests feel like they are in the trees.  To do this, our course had to be built into the hill side,” he added.

The course makes use of the steep hillside it was constructed on, near several ski runs, creating an illusion of increased height as the group falls away under guests depending on where they are on the course.

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