TouchMagix launches SpaceWarp 66 for 65-inch screen

US manufacturer of coin-operated redemption games TouchMagix has launched a 65-inch screen version of its hit title SpaceWarp 66. Both the 43-inch and 65-inch cabinets have had new design revamps and are available on display at International Bowl Expo.

The amusement and family entertainment industry is collectively working towards making the experience grander and better for their patrons, explained TouchMagix in a release. The manufacturer of new-age redemption games has therefore revealed massive hardware and design upgrades to its much loved title, SpaceWarp 66.

“With industry operations gaining momentum, we feel that the time is apt for the SpaceWarp 66 experience to become bigger and better. The latest cabinet designs are expected to grab eyeballs,” said Jayesh Kariya, CEO of TouchMagix.

An upgrade as exciting as the game itself, SpaceWarp 66 is now also available in a 65-inch screen sized cabinet. Dodging your spaceship from dangerous obstacles gets a lot more immersive and fun on the large screen cabinet that TouchMagix has freshly launched.

A fresh change from their earlier colour palettes, both the 43-inch as well as the new 65-inch cabinets will now come with the following upgrades, all designed to let SpaceWarp 66 take centre stage in an array of arcade games:

• Bold and bright artwork

• A new attract video with more exposed screen space

• An attractive game progress bar

• New attract music

• New attract lighting

The new cabinets will be showcased at the upcoming International Bowl Expo on June 23-24, at the Elaut Group booth, #1033.

TouchMagix also offers a new variety of interactive display solutions like Interactive Floor and Interactive Wall. TouchMagix has also partnered with Brunswick to introduce Spark technology, the industry’s first immersive and interactive scoring experience, that revolutionises the on-lane projection experience in bowling.

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