Tigapo links its mobile and contactless payment systems to IAAPA guidelines,

Tigapo, a cloud-based management and monetisation system enabling contactless payments on coin-operated machines, has shared a release linking its technology to IAAPA’s recently published Reopening Guidance document. 

“Tigapo’s app-based contactless payment platform is not just the future of payments – it’s the smartest and safest choice you can make right now”, noted Sid Banon, Tigapo’s CEO. “Leading industry and health experts from the IAAPA and the WHO have urged that contactless and mobile payment solutions are sound business practices for a safer and healthier operation of amusement businesses.” 

IAAPA recently published Reopening Guidance: Considerations for the Attractions Industry with their recommendations for reopening amusement locations. The report was developed “in partnership with attractions members and operators from around the world, as well as health-related guidance from government agencies and medical professionals.” 

Tigapo believes that several of the key conclusions of the IAAPA report here line up with its product, including the importance of utilising touch-free/contactless payment options when possible and encouraging guests to make purchases from apps once inside the attraction, to minimise on-site payment transactions. 

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