The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience unveils new games

Three new games are coming to Manchester’s Crystal Maze LIVE Experience, as part of a game-changing update for 2019, installed across fully themed adventure zones to compliment to 28 existing challenges.

Open for visitors to experience now, the new games include Wrecking Ball (nothing to do with Miley Cyrus), a skills-based challenge in the Aztec zone, where (spoiler alert!!) sand bags will be your best friend.

Two new physical challenges have also been added; Spinning Planets in the Future zone and Spiders Web in the Industrial zone – but arachnophobes need not worry, as there are no actual eight-legged creepy crawlies hiding in the game itself. These challenges will require guests to glide across planets and climb over webs with the overall aim of securing the crystals.

Based on the popular 90s TV Show, The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is now one of Manchester’s top interactive attractions. Teams of up to eight players get the chance to don retro bomber jackets before a designated Maze Master guides them around the attraction, where they must complete a series of challenges against the clock before entering the iconic Crystal Dome.

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