The countdown to the Park Avenue Open Day begins!

On June 5th, more than 30 companies gather in London to celebrate the Park Avenue Open Day.

Electrocoin, Namco, Sega, Elmac, Harry Levy, Intercard, Digital Centre, (Products from ICE), Stern Pinball and many more industry titans will be in attendance, and visitors will also be able to enjoy a Greek barbecue and a raffle, with all proceeds raised on the day going to a charity of BACTA’s choice.

“As we move towards longer days and warmer weather, the industry’s biggest summer gathering is now at forefront of many companies’ thoughts,” commented Electrocoin’ s John A. Stergides. “Once again we have had a fantastic response from companies wanting to get involved, either by way of participating with product or sponsoring some aspect of the day’s events.

“There appears to be a great sense of people wanting to get together and talk business in an informal atmosphere, whilst enjoying the famous Greek barbecue and a glass of their favourite refreshment. We are extremely grateful to the sponsors who help make this day the success it has become.”

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History of the Park Avenue Open Day

For those who did not visit Park Avenue Open Day prior to the year 2000, the current format will be very familiar. However, those with a longer history in the industry will recall that 11 companies were based in and around Park Avenue/Brent Crescent throughout the 1980’s. All of these threw open their doors and invited the Amusement machine industry into their premises on the same day.

Each company supplied their own refreshment or entertainment and the whole street was buzzing with industry chat. However, one by one, these companies relocated, leaving just Electrocoin and UDC. It became clear that in order to keep the event at the level of previous years attendances, companies needed to return to to Park Avenue.

Electrocoin decided to throw open its warehouse to the industry at large with an invitation to bring their products. This format has existed now for some 20 years, and with up to 30 companies present again this year, it looks set to continue for some time to come. Once again,

Electrocoin will welcome guests with a champagne reception in the morning, followed by its famous Greek Barbecue and UDC’s cream tea. The company asks guests and participating companies for a donation to charity for allocating them some space, and once again BACTA’s Charitable Trust will be the beneficiary of these donations.

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