Texas welcomes new House of Air Trampoline Park

Designed by Best American Trampolines, the new venue welcomes guests of all ages and experience levels.

The park offers a ninja warrior course, a multi-attraction pit complete with a battle beam and slack line, a trampoline pit that allows guests to jump into a House of Air branded air bag, and an innovative attraction called the auto-zip. Park guests are placed in a harness and then scale a steep climb ladder to an elevated platform where they then dive off zip lining across the park.

The facility also hosts a slam dunk trampoline court, a dodge ball court, and an expansive open jump court complete with a walking wall and jump boxes.  House of Air San Antonio incorporated an extra-large traverse climbing wall with custom air bags and five extreme climbing walls.


Private Party Rooms, A Full-Service Cafe & Kid Only Zone

If more than ten exciting and innovative attractions weren’t enough, the House of Air team incorporated private party rooms, a full-service cafe, and a kid only zone with custom designed trampoline park elements for kids six years old and younger.

The Air Junior area, a space designed to provide younger kids with the same attraction options as the big kids, will feature a kid size ninja course, a trampoline court designed especially for little jumpers, a soft play playground, and an interactive BEAM attraction that projects a variety of games onto the floor encouraging active digital play.


A Customer Focused Trampoline Park

While ensuring that guests of all ages have a variety of attractions to create their own unique adventures, a top priority for House of Air is that its staff is trained to provide an exceptional customer service experience. Something they see lacking in other similar venues around the country.

Safety, another key value of House of Air, is clearly a top priority at the park as well and is reflected in the custom air bags incorporated in many of the attractions. These air bags are cleaner and safer than the foam blocks traditionally used.

“Our goal is to make sure that parents feel good coming to our park by providing them a safe, clean and comfortable environment with premium grade products.”

– Alec Cotten, HOA San Antonio General Manager


Commitment to Quality

House of Air San Antonio’s commitment to quality can be traced back to the research phase of the project. “We started our research process by visiting trampoline parks and noticed a lot of areas that we felt we could improve upon. We wanted to make sure that were putting quality products in our facilities and selected goods that will last in both appearance and durability.”

Alec went on to say that Best American Trampoline Parks, the designer and trampoline park manufacture for House of Air San Antonio, was highly recommended by others in the trampoline park industry. He also stated that the quality of the company’s products was evident as soon as they stepped into an entertainment centre designed and manufactured by Best American.

“The minute we stepped into a park that was put together by Best American we could instantly tell the quality difference of the product.”

– Alec Cotten, HOA San Antonio General Manager

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