Technically Creative develops new Xplore Athens FEC

Technically Creative, a one-stop-shop provider of immersive attractions, has announced the completion of its development project at Xplore, a family entertainment centre based in Athens, Greece. 

The 4,500 square metre centre is designed for kids to have fun whilst discovering the world around them and learning. Xplore has three different sections, “the Exploratorium” which focuses on science, “Adventureland” and “The Oceans”, which is an interactive aquarium. These sections consist of more than 20 different zones featuring immersive interactives designed for all ages to enjoy.

For the Exploratorium, Technically Creative has created and installed a Laser Harp, Motion Graffiti, and a Giant Piano. 

At Adventureland there’s a Laser Maze, or guests can design and service a car, or try out the racing simulator. Of particular note is Pedal Power, a great physical interactive exhibit where visitors generate ‘virtual power.’ The ’power’ lights up and flows along the floor from each players position and makes its way to the Megatron generator capacitor. The power then charges the storage capacitor until enough power is stored which then erupts out of the generator via the tesla coils! The system can sense how many users are playing and adjusts the power output accordingly, so even a single player can play.

This area of the centre also features a new attraction called Virtual Village. Similar to ‘SimCity’, it is a totally interactive installation. Players use various transport types – boats, planes, trains and automobiles – as physical hands on models to place on the sensing internal projection table. The sensing system knows where and what transport type has been placed down on the table. Then through the use of live rendering software, it builds the virtual village in real time.

Technically Creative founder and managing director Marc commented: “The team has done an amazing job, and they’ve dealt with any challenges that have come their way extraordinarily well.”

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