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ICE begins shipping Centipede Chaos

Bigger and better than ever, the blasting bugs of Centipede Chaos are set to arrive in FECs worldwide, soon. The skill video redemption game, a classic crawler, is back from the 80’s with a new twist to the original Atari title.

A whole lot of Hoopla for Sega

Hoopla is a Brass Ring award winning carnival classic redemption game brought to market by amusements game developers Sega and ICE. With Hoopla, players must simply toss hoops and hook them on all seven pegs before the timer runs out.

ICE launch life-sized version of arcade classic

Waterfuls, an iconic arcade title from the 80s, has been transformed by ICE into a life-sized version ready for arcades and FECs worldwide. The skill redemption game utilises unique technology in order to replicate the feel of the real…

Bring on the Wall

It’s been around for as long as arcades and fairgrounds, it’s simple, and some would say common sense – so what exactly is a skill wall, how do you get one, and why should you? Sega Amusement International’s General Manager Justin Burke…