Suzohapp completes operations move to Poland

Some months ago, Suzohapp communicated a significant shift in how it would produce and distribute its products – transitioning its operations from a logistics hub in The Netherlands to a site in Poznan, Poland. Now, that move is complete.

The decision to move operations to Poland was made in an effort to better serve clients and customers. Consolidation of operations helped Suzohapp leverage efficiencies and streamline processes. Centralised sales support and service help the company increase its focus and grow its collective knowledge, meaning expertise is easier to find and disseminate.

Open since June 2016, the 20,000sqm facility produces and distributes daily 400 lines of Suzohapp products that are sold across multiple continents. Back in June 2019, the company took the opportunity to expand its storage space to hold an additional 1,500 pallets. The facility is well positioned to meet all current production and distribution needs while giving Suzohapp room to grow in the future.

With over 130 employees, hired specifically for their industry experience and history of delivering excellent results, Suzohapp has a workforce that is continually improving its capabilities, from engineering to manufacturing, from service to distribution. The approach to operations delivery is customer-centric and innovative.

In fact, Poznan often creates the best practices blueprint by which the company streamlines operations at its other logistics facilities worldwide. Most recently, the Polish team is implementing a new global ERP system to streamline ordering, production and shipping in ways that will make it even easier to work with.

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