Sumba strikes up vendor partnership with Superior Trampoline Manufacturing

Sumba, developer of a cutting-edge park operations and risk management platform for entertainment center maintenance and inspections, has announced that Superior Trampoline Manufacturing (STM) has been named a preferred partner for the replacement parts ordering function within its new service operating system. 

The Sumba platform is customizable to a park’s unique operations and includes a comprehensive, digital inspection checklist, verifiable documentation of inspections, along with an automated solution for ordering failed or replacement parts. Through the Sumba platform, you will be able to order replacement parts for any components of your attractions or equipment. You will also be able to request a certified SUMBA Squad member to perform the installation of your replacement parts if needed, as well as general maintenance to your attractions.
STM’s catalogue of trampoline and adventure park replacement parts will be integrated within Sumba’s operating solution platform to utilize during a park’s scheduled in-house inspection and maintenance program. This option will be available for those parks that do not have a relationship with or ability to order replacement parts through the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). When available, Sumba will work with the OEM to integrate its replacement parts catalogue to make ordering easy and to minimize or eliminate downtime.
“Our team at Sumba has been working with vendors all over the country and the world for over a decade. When we considered the quality of workmanship, the monetary value, and the central location of STM in America’s heartland; it made our partnership decision very easy. We are confident that we will be able to work together with STM to help keep our client’s facilities in peak condition for optimal fun and success,” said Jason Proffitt, Sumba CEO.
STM has been designing, building, and operating trampoline parks for over a decade. It has partnered with some of the best park operators worldwide and provided solutions that have benefited them now and well into the future.
Brandon Dallmann, CEO of Superior Trampoline Manufacturing, commented, “Many of the major trampoline park manufacturers have moved on to other things or are unavailable to provide replacement parts for existing parks. Park owners often have no knowledge of the size or specs of the parts or where to get them. By partnering with Sumba, we can provide a necessary service when the OEM is unavailable and provide a solution to a reoccurring operational need.”
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