SPREE Interactive enjoys 250% revenue growth

SPREE Interactive, previously known as HolodeckVR, a global leader in multiplayer, free-roaming commercial VR attractions, has seen a 250% rise in revenue in the first three quarters of 2021. According to the company this tremendous growth has been achieved by the sales of its range of free roam multiplayer VR attractions such as the SPREE Arena and VR Bumper Car systems (licensed by VR Coaster).

“COVID has fueled even more demand from shopping malls which now desperately need alternate revenue streams and innovative ways to utilize the floor space especially with foot traffic fluctuating in various markets.” said Jonathan Nowak Delgado, founder and managing director, SPREE Interactive.

To sustain the acceleration of sales and rapid growth in the industry, SPREE Interactive seeks Series A funding from international, financial and strategic investors. Jonathan Nowak Delgado will be speaking at the industry leading conference, Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Santa Clara, California on Nov 9th and will host 1:1 investor live product demos at the IAAPA Global Expo in Orlando from Nov 16th-19th. Other events to meet Jonathan are Websummit in Lisbon Nov 1-4, SLUSH Investor day in Helsinki Nov 30 and MAPIC in Cannes Dec 1-2 at the booth of SPREE’s bumper car partner I.E. Park.

All SPREE Interactive attractions boast a soaring throughput and high repeat play value with the average installation achieving over 3,500 plays a week. The exceptionally high-player level leads SPREE to becoming a substantial leader in the market, offering clients a valuable return on investment.

Earlier this year, SPREE Interactive started to double-down on the high-growth eSports market by providing all-in-one free-roam custom-solutions to the location-based entertainment market through their global partnership with Pico Interactive, creators of the Neo 2 headset that was named to TIME’s Best Inventions of 2020 List and recently bought by Byte Dance, creators of TikTok .

With over 3 billion gamers globally by 2023, global VR gaming market estimated to reach $92.31 billion by 2027, esports revenues estimated to reach $1.5B by 2023, combined with increase foot traffic across a variety of retail locations, the company’s entrance to the eSports market is a strategic move offering a complete solution to clients.

“Our continued expansion and growth can largely be attributed to our focus on developing unique and entertaining attractions,” said Paul Collimore, commercial director at SPREE Interactive. “Listening to our clients and delivering solutions which match their needs is key. After a challenging period for our industry, it’s fantastic to see such a bounce back with client sites experiencing record visitor numbers. The increased adoption of interactive immersive VR experiences seems set to continue for the foreseeable future.”

Accompanying increased sales in historic SPREE products, quarter one of this year saw the company launch a new VR Bumper Car title “Cyberblaster,” leading to several global sales agreements including multisite agreements across Saudi Arabia and the expanding GCC region. Further information regarding VR Bumper Car availability and sales will be announced at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida along with accessible demos of SPREE’s latest Arena VR attractions.



SPREE Interactive is Building the Metaverse as they are rolling out features where you can interact on one virtual world, some users in physical venues and some tuning in from home, this feature will first be available in the future.

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