Space Jump takes off at IAAPA and EAG

Debuting at IAAPA, Benchmark Games’ Space Jump was a featured attraction in the UDC (Benchmark’s UK distributor) booth at the recent EAG International show, and is now shipping.

The latest addition to Benchmark’s product line is 100% skill based and boasts engaging physical interaction, marking a new creative approach for the manufacturer. Cadets must bounce on a launch pad and control their jumps to navigate the rocket successfully complete the mission, land in the bonus zone.

The unit has a stratospheric centrepiece cabinet design within a modest footprint making it an ideal – and cost effective – attraction piece for any size game room. A new 13” monitor illustrates gameplay, intense LED light package and illuminated scoring zones and subwoofers for an immersive experience with interactive sounds and player prompts.

Operators have commented that, as it contains no moving parts other than the rocket itself, Space Jump is easily maintained. It features a reliable opto-system that is contained in a durable non-skid jump pad and sturdy steel grip bars which can withstand vigorous tactile play.

“The response to Space Jump at IAAPA has been wonderful. Operators are attracted to its unique presentation, attractive price tag, and profitable physical play formula. We have been testing Space Jump with local operators and it is performing as Top 10 piece in the room” Paula Rinker, sales director, Benchmark Games said of the game’s release. “What sets Space Jump apart from other concepts is its interactive game play …and it is just plain FUN. It was evident at the show where, win or lose, I didn’t see anyone of any age who wasn’t smiling when they stepped off the jump pad.”

Trevor Gianaris, Benchmark’s chief operating officer, said, “Our initial production run sold out at the show and additional runs have been reserving fast.  Space Jump is quickly becoming a customer favorite because players have fun, it attracts crowds with its competitive play, and earns well for the price.”

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