Skyviews Miami Wheel opens

Soaring nearly 200 feet (61 m) above Miami’s Biscayne Bay, The Skyviews Miami Observation Wheel is the newest addition to Bayside Marketplace, South Florida.

Skyviews Miami is a modern observation wheel, designed by Ronald Bussink and supplied by Chance Rides. Built at a reported cost of $18 million, the 176-foot (54 m) diameter wheel has 42 climate-controlled gondolas that include music and video. Guests can enjoy the Miami Skyline, Bayside Park, and spectacular Bay views. With seating up to eight persons per gondola, an entire family, including infants and grandparents, can enjoy the ride. A date for two in a VIP glass floor Gondola is also an option.

Skyviews has partnered with Landshark Bar & Grill, so guests can enjoy cocktails, and soft drinks during their ride. Before or after your ride, they can enjoy a snack or drink at the adjacent Bistro with outside seating overlooking the Bay.

Skyviews Miami is owned by Guy and Charlene Leavitt. The sister company of Skyviews Miami is Ray Cammack Shows, Inc. RCS is a third generation family owned, and operated company founded in 1961, specialising in family amusement entertainment and recognised as an industry leader in safety, efficiency, customer service, and innovation. The Skyviews Miami developer is Jim Riggs of Platinum Advisors.

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