Skill Cut Winner goes to the fair

Electrocoin’s Skill Cut Winner, which can be found at all major FECs, theme parks, bowling centres and single sites throughout the UK, is now a big winner with travelling fairs.

Fairs have seen the earning potential and are starting to add them as part of the experience, even creating special trailers to house up to 10 Skill Cut Winners at once in rows of 4 and 4 or 5 and 5 depending on the size of the custom trailer.

Standing out for its numerous unique features, Skill Cut Winner is built to a high standard, has excellent security, reliability, and is consistently in the top earners.

Importantly, it has exciting sounds and is available in an assortment of colours, embracing the spirit of an old Greek saying: the secrets for a good dish are the ingredients and the chef.

“Skill Cut Winner has been a top earner and many operators choose to have two-four Skill Cut Winners per location, and it was requested to have new colours,” said Electrocoin’s John Stergides.

“So it wasn’t a surprise when fairs started to add them as part of their experience. They like the assorted colours, which has now been increased to 10, its security features, reliability and consistency and its space saving shape which helps them fit nicely into a trailer and is very eye-catching. It appeals to all age groups as it involves skill to win the prize and the excitement of winning the large prize creates a memorable experience for the winner.”

Skill Cut Winner can be found throughout Europe and Middle East in FEC, bowling centres, theme parks but also in Fun Fairs where it has been very successful. Usually they like to have a row or a trailer filled with Skill Cut Winners which is very eye-catching.

Although there are delays with new stock, luckily, we still have units available although some colours are sold out as we try to keep up with the demand.

An enthused Stergides believes Skill Cut Winner has become a ‘must have’ for family entertainment centres, also serving as a strong marketing tool for operators who have widely shared Skill Cut Winner on social media pages to announce new winners of the large plush inside.

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