Semnox Parafait goes live at Guatemala’s Carrousel FEC

On January 24th, Semnox Parafait went live at the Chimaltenango site Carrousel Family Entertainment Center in Guatemala.

The business, owned by the Novielli family, was established in 1960 as an ice cream parlour, and later the family installed a Carrousel, granting the FEC its namesake. Then, in 1980, the business expanding into shopping centres, implementing arcade machines. There are currently seven active locations in Guatemala City and 16 around the rest of the country.

“I loved receiving today the information in my e-mail about the performance and income obtained from each game machine; I was able to review the metrics, I made decisions immediately” said Mr. Juan Carlos Novielli, owner of the more than 20 Carrousel Family Entertainment Centres in Guatemala.

After realising that the administrative burden in operating a number of sites was too much and too inconsistent, without the metrics needed to make business decisions, Mr. Novielli made the decision to implement Parafait from Semnox, wanting an enterprise class system to help manage his stores.

“The Carrousel and Semnox teams managed to successfully meet the requirements imposed by SAT (Superintendence of Tax Administration) in Guatemala, regarding the billing to final customers, obtaining the authorization from this Government Institution to proceed with the implementation of the system in the business” said Estefania Monares Floriano, Business Associate with Semnox.

“The workload of our team has been reduced, now they no longer have to count tokens manually and have the opportunity to provide a better service to both, external and internal clients. Their work is now more efficient, and they use their time better. I feel happy for the effort we all put on this implementation; I feel satisfied with the level of control I can have now compared to how we were operating before.” concluded Mr Juan Carlos.

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