Semnox announces integration with Sports Play Connect

Semnox, a leading provider of RFID-based venue management solutions, has launched new integrated solution ‘Sports Play Connect’ in partnership with manufacturer of simulators Sports Simulator. 

Sports Simulator is a pioneer in the entertainment industry for its detection system, which can accurately track any moving object and integrate it into its Sports Simulation. The goal is to virtually recreate any sport including famous stadiums, spectators in club colours, realistic player movements, and embedded sponsor signage, attaining maximum benefits for clients.

With this integrated solution, clients of Semnox can operate the Sports Simulator game via Semnox Parafait Venue management system, instead of operating it in standalone mode. This way, the entire operation of the facility is seamless and controlled under one single system. Guests are able to enjoy the various sports by simply tapping the RFID wristband or card on the Semnox RFID reader to automatically validate entitlements, play the game and record the score from the play within Parafait.

“Our customers’ can now benefit from having the most advanced Sports Simulator integrated with the leading cashless payment system, ensuring their centers are completely seamless,” says Andy Cole, director at Sports Simulator.

“The integrated solution with Sports Simulator brings in tremendous value to our clients. Through this integration, our clients can take advantage of seamless operation of Virtual reality and Simulator games,” says Mathew Ninan, VP of product development at Semnox.

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