Seismique interactive art museum announces opening date

Seismique, an art-fueled interactive museum, is set to open on 26 December in Houston, Texas, US, according to an announcement on the museum’s website.

The 40,000-square-feet venue has more than 40 unique exhibits by more than two dozen local and national artists, both established and emerging. The pieces are showcased using technological elements such as projection mapping, holograms, augmented reality, lightmapping, motion-tracking cameras, and gamification.

Seismique, which will follow COVID-19 safety guidelines, is from the principal and COO of Escape the Room Steve Kopelman and co-founder Josh Corley.

“I am really looking forward to seeing the expressions on peoples’ faces when they experience Seismique for the first time. I liken it to the equivalent of walking through a portal and into an alternative universe that is a feast for the senses,” said Kopelman.

The Eden exhibit, by New Orleans artists David Carry and Brian Val Habisreitinger, was inspired by the film “Avatar.” Expect oversized carved trees and ultra-violet reactive painting, and three large holograms.

The Venus gallery offers a nod to the second planet from the Sun via a hand-crocheted piece by Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam. The multi-coloured playscape resembles a giant hammock made of crocheted circles, open pockets, and dangling pendulums for climbing.

The Acid Rain Room includes a piece by Smooth Technology, designed and built by Mark Roberts. The optical illusion mimics rain and rising water as guests walk through without getting wet.

The Hub, which features a 70-foot spaceship constructed with more than 1,000,000 light-emitting diodes, will ultimately house future concerts and special events.

“This year has been exceedingly difficult for the whole world, and we want Seismique to serve as something of a pandemic panacea – a place where visitors can transport themselves to another realm and find creative inspiration through the artistic manifestation of 40 different exhibits,” Kopelman said in the release.

Image: Christopher Brielmaier


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