Sega to launch new games at IAAPA

Sega Amusements International is set to unveil three new video games at IAAPA Expo.

First is Drone Racing Genesis – an exciting and brand-new entertainment concept that captures the exhilarating spirit of drone racing and brings it to indoor locations for the very first time. The thrilling gameplay sees players take to the skies and race to the finish line while completing checkpoints and collecting ‘battery charge’ power-ups to go hypersonic.

With four visually stunning race locations and five slick drones, players keep coming back to experience Drone Racing Genesis. The cabinet features a unique reclined seat that creates the illusion of being in a futuristic drone cockpit and instantly immerses players in the nail-biting racing action. Bright colour-changing header, lit cabinet edges and under-seat lighting feature attracts player’s attention at any location.

Bike racing fans will love Storm Rider 2, the long awaited follow up to the hit motorbike racing game. This second instalment features a motion base that delivers an unprecedented, immersive racing experience. Combined with crisp graphics produced by the Unreal Engine and boost function, players will experience blazing fast speeds. The impressive two player cabinet features unique touchscreen lobby controls, spectacular futuristic bikes and a fully lit billboard that will turn heads at arcades and FECs.

Crazy Rafting is another motion-based two-player racing game, but this time players will be going white water rafting through six crazy worlds, from prehistoric to alien. Players will be intrigued to experience the fun and intuitive paddle controllers; the quicker they paddle, the faster they go. Crazy Rafting stands out at any location thanks to its unique raft seat, paddle controllers, vivid colour changing lighting and artwork.

Meanwhile, VR Agent is a true attendant-free, coin-operated VR game, bringing the best of arcade shooting in the highly immersive VR format. Featuring a ‘hybrid’ controller that seamlessly combines the headset and gun controller in one unit, players intuitively place the controller next to their eyes and are instantly transported into the action-packed game. Furthermore, the auto-deployment system lowers the controller at the start and retracts it at the end, thus dramatically increasing throughput like never before. VR Agent gameplay is highly interactive and deeply immersive. Operators can also switch on family friendly mode that turns the enemy into robots, making this a fun game for the whole family.

Attendees can also experience Augmented Reality Darts for the very first time at IAAPA. From leaders in competitive social gaming 501 Entertainment, this ground-breaking new experience opens classic darts to a new and much wider audience than ever before. The ultra-bright laser projector superimposes beautiful gameplay animations and scores over the dart board as well as surrounding area, creating a fun and cool immersive experience.

The Sega booth will also feature brand-new redemption games, prize games and hit video games such as action-packed Mission Impossible DLX, and off-road racing with ATV Slam.

IAAPA Expo takes place November 15-18 at the Orange County Convention Centre, Orlando, USA.

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