Sega reveals IAAPA showcase

Sega’s two booths at IAAPA (1506 and 1606) will be the place to be for visitors looking for top performing, high-quality amusement games that keep the whole family entertained. In anticipation of the expo, Sega has highlighted its strongest video games line up in recent history.

TRANSFORMERS Shadows Rising boasts a global brand equity of more than $4b, and the game, which was created by Sega and Hasbro, sees players team up with iconic characters Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Sideswipe to stop evil Megatron’s plan. The simple to use controller, easy to follow storyline and fast-paced gameplay attracts casual and core gamers alike. Razor sharp graphics and in game physics comes to life on a 55 inch, full-HD screen, delivering an immersive visual experience. Combined with audio from 4 speakers with subwoofer and base shaker players experience “metal on metal” combat.

“Our first Transformers game ‘Transformers Human Alliance’ was an instant worldwide success, so a follow-up just makes sense. The new game is even more fast-paced and exciting. The truck shaped cabinet design is jaw-dropping with its gorgeous chrome front grill and huge exhausts and the eye-catching lifelike Optimus Prime at the top. Multi-coloured LED lighting effects and dual-sided marquee makes this game hard to miss from any angle.” says Justin Burke, general manager at Sega.


House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn

House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn is the most eagerly anticipated sequel in arcade game history. Continually pushing the limits with every release, this special edition game delivers an unparalleled “real feeling” horror action experience. Using cutting-edge ‘Unreal Engine 4’ game graphics, the game is brought to life in incredible detail and allows for a significantly higher zombie count, meaning players have a lot more zombie blasting fun. Dedicated hardware and the 55” 1080p Full HD screen at 60 frames per second, produces a vivid and immersive visual experience.

“House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn is developed by the world-renowned Sega R&D team in Japan. So, you can expect an immersive, five-dimensional full body experience with surround sound, bass shaker, ambient lighting, wind effects & cutting-edge graphics. The new lightweight controller is a game-changer. By controlling the frequency to the vibration unit, it produces just the right type of recoil that feels natural for the kind of weapon used in the game. Five captivating game missions, lots of secret items to collect and various special weapons encourage repeat play.” commented Paul Williams, CEO at Sega.


Daytona Championship USA

Also, new on Sega’s stand at IAAPA will be Daytona Championship USA in a 42” standard size cabinet.  Designed to fit in even more locations, the standard has a smaller footprint, lower height and delivers the same IAAPA Brass Ring award-winning game-play as the deluxe cabinet. The game continues to feature top of operators buying list, thanks to the instant re-match feature that puts players right back into the race thus boosting repeat play. The fast action, arcade-perfect handling, and Artificial Intelligence and Catch Up features draw in both casual and pro gamers, who can utilise a four-speed gear shifter, six tracks, and various game modes. The four-speed Hornet car themed marquee is wrapped in racing sponsored graphics and bright, colourful LED edge lighting.


Target Bravo: Operation Ghost

Rounding up the video category, visitors will also be able to experience some of Sega’s other hit video games. Target Bravo: Operation Ghost a high-octane action adventure game with free movement controller that sees players take down bad guys in tactical missions. Let’s Go Island: Dream Edition in deluxe motion cabinet and Storm Racer motion.

Let’s Go Island: Dream Edition


“Video has always been that heart of Sega’s product development. Bringing our unique creative flair, passion and development philosophy that puts our customers and players at the centre of the process, allows us to bring revolutionary new games to market that are highly demanded” concluded Paul Williams.

These leading video games and a whole lot more will be available to check out at IAAPA. Sega’s booths 1506 and 1606, will be the place to be at the Orange County Convention Centre from 13th – 16th November.

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