Sega launches retro-inspired bug blasting game

Hit 80’s creepy-crawly blasting game Centipede Chaos, manufactured by ICE and distributed by Sega, is aiming to bring the classic arcade feeling back to your location. Sega has identified 80’s nostalgia as a growing trend for the modern player, and Centipede Chaos’s simple joystick controls, wave after wave of enemies and action all over the screen feeds into this demand.

Centipede Chaos features intuitive gameplay, fun power-ups, easy-to-challenging bosses adding excitement and depth to the gameplay that keeps players coming back over and over. Three LED-lit stools with rumble feature provides comfort and encourages the friends to team up and keep continuing the game to defeat the final Spider Boss – all in effort to win the mega ticket bonus.

The  75” monitor brings all the action to life. Centipede Chaos is easy to operate and maintain. While the three player positions promotes a healthy cash box. You can operate this skill-based video game on ticket redemption or points to suit your location.

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