Scary Strokes launches Embed’s Mobile Wallet

Miniature golf course Scary Strokes, located in Waldorf, Maryland, has partnered Embed to implement the Mobile Wallet at the facility, with the aim of offering guests safe, contactless gameplay and redemption options. The system allows guests to top-up their virtual game cards anytime, anywhere, without leaving the game, plus guests will never lose their game cards because it is safely stored in the mobile wallet and protected by mobile encryption technology.

For Scary Strokes, the customer database created by the Mobile Wallet enables the operator to develop its loyalty program and customer relationship offers and tactical promotions to drive return customer visits, thereby future-proofing the business.

The Embed Development team added a QR code system to the Mobile Wallet that enables operators to scan customers who visit their venue (for registration, tracking and tracing purposes). The Mobile Wallet tracks what games the customer played and when. In the event that a customer tests positive for COVID, Doug Roth has the contact information at his fingertips to easily support tracking and tracing efforts (who played what games and when, and who played afterwards).

“When Embed introduced the Mobile Wallet, it seemed like a good opportunity for us to jump in and see what it was all about, and there’s nothing not to like about it. It’s clever and very convenient; there is no need to visit a kiosk or a staff member, guests can do everything from the comfort of their phone” said Doug Roth, president & CEO, Scary Strokes.

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