Sacoa sets sights on DEAL 2019

Sacoa will be showcasing its latest products and most important advances at DEAL 2019 from 25th to 27th March in Dubai, UAE.

A leading worldwide supplier of revenue management systems for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries, Sacoa was the first to enter the Saudi market in 1999, currently with more than 1800 installations in almost 70 countries, and showing great presence in the Middle East region.

At DEAL, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about these products:


Kiosk – K4

The new kiosk cabinet uses a 32″ touch-screen for a familiar interface that comes with an intuitive interface, allows buying, reloading, detailed analysis and supports CRM integration. Multiple card purchases in a single transaction are handled and transactions can be paid with cash or credit cards. The software is multilingual, supporting an unrestricted amount of languages. Products sold can be any combination of Credits, Time-Play, and Passports. Optionally a second screen can be attached to use as advertising platform (showing slide shows, animations, videos, etc.).


Online Platforms – Mobile App

This state of the art app by Sacoa allows registered guests to check their Playcard balance, purchase special offers paying online with credit card, and accumulate reward points. Also features store details including map location, direct phone number dialing, website link, online party booking access, and includes push notifications ability to keep your customers always updated with your latest offers and news. A plus is the ability to brand it with your company’s own look & feel, and is available for both iOS and Android platforms.


Zodiac – Sacoa Administrative Console

Zodiac is the all-new Sacoa Playcard responsive, friendly and multilingual system configuration tool. Being web-based, it allows configuring any system detail via a simple web browser, be it from a desktop computer, a tablet or even a smartphone. Configurable items include: Game pricing, POS and mPOS products and buttons, product stock, security. Also includes tools for system maintenance and reporting like a troubleshooting wizard (with video tutorials), system health monitor, game controller enable/disable and access control, card roaming and search, sales and collection report access, etc.



Signing capability through CRM, allows registered guests to sign waivers online before entering your facility, providing a faster check-in process.  Signed waivers are stored online.



Compact and portable, the new Mobile POS, it allows all the features that the desktop POS can manage, such as Playcard analysis, sale and recharge, retail merchandise, Etc. It supports Credit card payment, printing and game emulation as well, all in a user friendly interface.


Sacoa Dex

This dynamic marketing tool improves communication  with  clients by publishing  contents  on  tablets,  TV  monitors  and  LED  screens  in  any  location inside  or  outside  of  your  FEC  on  a  simple  and  fast  way. Among its most important benefits we can mention: Segmentation  of  promotions  by  time,  location  or  metrics, cross  selling  y  up-selling  products., one  to  one  communication  thru  interactive  apps


Sacoa On Line Store

A newer and easier way to order Sacoa equipment and parts, allowing the operator to check the newest items and latest releases, follow up with order progress and quickly receive all they need to avoid any interruption on the business.

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