Sacoa looks ahead to IAAPA FEC Summit 2019

Sacoa will be headed to this year’s IAAPA FEC Summit, held in Austin, Texas from January 27th to 29th.

Sebastian Mochkovsky, CEO of Sacoa Playcard System USA, will be part of the summit’s educational sessions, where visitors will be able to learn latest best practices, share ideas and benefit from Mochkovsky’s extensive knowledge of the business. Additionally, visitors to the event will be able to check out a range of new Sacoa products:




Signing capability through CRM, allows registered guests to sign waivers online before entering your facility, providing a faster check-in process.  Signed waivers are stored online.




Compact and portable, the new Mobile POS, it allows all the features that the desktop POS can manage, such as Playcard analysis, sale and recharge, retail merchandise, Etc. It supports Credit card payment, printing and game emulation as well, all with a user-friendly interface.


Sacoa Dex

Sacoa Dex

This dynamic marketing tool improves communication  with  clients by publishing  contents  on  tablets,  TV  monitors  and  LED  screens  in  any  location inside  or  outside  of  your  FEC  on  a  simple  and  fast  way. Among its most important benefits we can mention: Segmentation  of  promotions  by  time,  location  or  metrics, cross  selling  y  up-selling  products., one  to  one  communication  thru  interactive  apps.


Sacoa On Line Store

A newer and easier way to order Sacoa equipment and parts, allowing the operator to check for the newest items and latest releases, follow up with order progress and quickly receive all they need to avoid any interruption.

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