Sacoa Debit Card System heads to 2019 Bowl Expo

A worldwide leader in cashless systems, Sacoa Debit Card is set to be present at the 2019 edition of the Bowl Expo in Las Vegas, USA, showcasing its solutions for the bowling industry.

Sacoa Debit Card System, with more than 1800 installations in almost 70 countries, offers customised applications to manage and control all aspects of an entertainment facility, and provides a variety of products and solutions that seek to satisfy the payment needs of customers, solving operations online and offline as well.

Its Online Sales Module allows registered guests to recharge their playcards online, choosing from a variety of pre-set offers, which means customers may not only “skip the line” by purchasing from their homes, but even from within your premises through their smartphones.


What’s more, Sacoa offers interfaces for easy plug-in integration with major bowling management systems:

  • With the Switch Bowling terminal integration credits can be stored in a customer’s playcard as payment. Balances can be checked in real time, and cards can be recharged accepting cash or other forms of payment.
  • Brunswick’s Vector Plus Center Network System’s “Vector Plus Game Card Interface” (available through Brunswick) which allows all card functions to be performed.
  • Qubica-AMF Conqueror Pro Management System. The Conqueror Pro terminal can activate Sacoa Playcards, load money on the cards and check account balances in real time.

In addition, the Playcards can be tied to a frequent bowler account allowing the centre to use the card to recognise a customer, assign special pricing and offer specific promotions to targeted customer groups.

For more information, visit or stop at Sacoa’s booth #808 at this year´s Bowl Expo edition in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 26th – 27th.

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