Ropes, trampolines, climbing and more coming to Chandler, Arizona

Gravity Extreme Zone, a 40,000 square-foot indoor adventure park has opened in Chandler, Arizona.

The centre features one of the largest indoor ropes courses in the country, a variety of trampoline attractions, a 30-foot indoor climbing wall that can support up to 12 climbers at once, a unique element called the stairway to heaven that tests participants balance as they walk up a spiral staircase of poles, and additional attractions that are designed to provide an extreme adventure.

“We wanted an adventure park that pushed the limits of our guests while providing an upscale experience,” said owner of Gravity Extreme Zone, Sameer Trehan. “The park will have an Italian kitchen with a professional chef who will make everything from the dough to the sauce in-house from scratch every day. We will also offer espresso that compares to what you might find in a boutique coffee shop.”

Sameer stated that he decided to include an Italian eatery inside the park with the goal of encouraging families to dine at the Gravity Extreme Zone instead of consuming preservative rich concession stand food or leaving the park to eat elsewhere.

In addition to the Italian eatery, the indoor adventure park offers comfortable seating for parents that want to watch their kids enjoy the entertainment center and a variety of challenging attractions that will entice the family to enjoy time together.

“I wanted the parents to not only be entertained watching their kids, but actively participating with them. We made the park challenging to keep kids coming back with the goal of improving their skills with each attempt.” Sameer went on to say, “The park was designed to ensure that parents are extremely comfortable with plenty of seating options located throughout the park.”

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